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Oslo Sanitarium

3rd Year Studio

Oslo, Norway

The Oslo Sanitarium is a mixed use building that contains residential units for families with a child who has been diagnosed with cancer.  In the context of rehabilitation and support for these families, the building also contains a health oriented restaurant, doctors offices, a publicly accessible gym, and a book store. Designed for the cold Norwegian climate, the proposed building is a timber frame structure which wraps around a covered courtyard.
3rd Year Presentation - 1.jpg
3rd Year Presentation - 2.jpg
Oslo S 1
(sw: SketchUp )

Exterior View 



Oslo S - 4th Floor

4th Floor

Oslo S - 3rd Floor

3rd Floor

Oslo S - 2nd Floor

2nd Floor

Oslo S - 1st Floor

1st Floor

Oslo S - Restaurant
(sw: SketchUp )


Oslo S - Interior Courtyard
(sw: SketchUp )

Interior Courtyard

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