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Urban Design Studio

5th Year Studio 

San Juan, Puerto Rico

This project, done in collaboration with my graduate class, addresses areas along the Martin Pena canal in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The final product was the book showcased below.

The project received a Student Merit Award in 2019 at the annual Congress for the New Urbanism Charter Awards. Please find the awards book below with our project on page 23. 

You can also find my professor's instagram post about the award by clicking the two images below

Instagram @andrewvonmaur.jpg
Instragram @andrewvonmaur.jpg

The project culminated in a disaster relief trip to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria to assist with debris clearing and bringing in supplies to the locals. We also sought advice from the local community government on our project, which we brought back to our studio to improve our overall design. For more information on our disaster relief efforts, see the article in the Andrews University Focus Magazine below. 

Throughout the semester, the whole class worked together and alternated areas of responsibility, towards the end of the project however we delegated areas of responsibility and I took on the mixed-use building as part of the team working on the housing component of the project. The mixed use building can be found on page 32-35 of our final presentation book at the top of this page, or see below for my renderings from the project.

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(sw: Revit, V-Ray, Photoshop)

North East Paseo

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(sw: Revit, Photoshop)

E/W Section

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(sw: Revit, Photoshop)

1st Floor Plan

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(sw: Revit, Photoshop)

2nd Floor Plan

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